Saturday, December 19, 2009

Today's Topics: Global Warming and Health Care

First, I got into a bit of trouble at Facebook when I posted a link to the 1974 TIME magazine article on the coming Ice Age.  My friends uttered, "What's the point, John?" .  They were passionate in their defense of the Global Warming movement.  I chose not to debate them on my Facebook page.  I did consider personal emails, and I drafted them, but so far, I have decided to leave them unsent.  

If they ever find my blog, I refer them to this American Thinker link which discusses the misuse of science by the Global Warming movement people.  My friends seem to be shocked and astonished that there are thinking people in the world who doubt this theory.  I wish they would open their minds a bit.

On the Health Care front, the Democrats have gotten their 60th vote.  What an immense amount of power the last few holdout senators had.  Landrieu, Lieberman, Nelson of NE.  These guys would be good poker players.  They were going to vote for this thing, but they bluffed well enough to get goodies for their states or other concessions important to them.

It is sad that the mainstream news media is not launching a campaign of outrage over the way this mess is being shoved down our throats in the dead of night during Christmas week.  It goes without saying that they would not be so acquiescent in the face of similar Republican maneuvers.

Now the 2010 campaign can largely be about the repeal of this Obama-Reid-Pelosi Health Care monstrosity!  It should be fun!  Bye-Bye Liberals!