Tuesday, April 4, 2023

The sickness that is Trump Derangement Syndrome

 Yeah, a former President was indicted. This is a stain on the prosecutor, just as Pelosi’s mauling of the 2020 State of the Union speech was on her. Not on our 45th President, Donald John Trump.


It’s a joke and this needs to be dismissed NOW!

Nashville School Shooter

 Did last Monday’s horrific attack on a Christian school hit me hard? Terrible tragedies happen all the time everywhere in the world. Maybe I’m jaded with age. Unless it hits really close, I can go on with my day just fine. Now, I also don’t get enmeshed in the incidents. I don’t watch videos or read multiple news accounts.

But I’m a substitute teacher. Mostly of 9, 10, and 11 year olds. And my kids have attended Catholic and Christian private schools in the past. 

The killer was a 28 year old woman. Who goes by a male name. Transgender, they say. Well, we know a 28 year old woman who changed her name eight years ago and started taking male hormones a couple of years ago. We’ve known this girl since she was a baby. She was a little odd, but nothing outlandish.

Most recently, our neighbor/friend/carpooler accidentally dropped a male name and pronoun to refer to his daughter in an early morning text message in October 2021. I finally talked with the mother three weeks later and asked her to explain what was going on. 

The Nashville killer was named Audrey and she killed Christians.

Friday, March 10, 2023

Sad and Disturbing News Regarding a Running Associate

 About a week ago, I was sent a message that the mayor of a small Maryland city had been arrested. The charge? Possession of pornography. Of children.

Another pol falls. Oh, well. Seen it countless times before, right?

Except this time, it’s a runner that, on average, is at every other Saturday park run. (I’m at every one). And has been since the second one in 2016. And has been part of a five man group of runners that got together on Sundays beginning in May 2020 when churches were closed and organized running races were shut down. The mayor was the young one (44) in this group of 50 and 60 year olds. Another local mayor, a college science professor, and a high school counselor. And me. We’d run about nine miles, stopping at a couple of spots for water or just to rest. For me, running more than four miles was a big step! I didn’t think I could do it safely. Turned out, I could. Just run slower. Take breaks. Running longer distances, even slowly, makes for a faster runner. Within one year, my 5k best time had improved to 23:25, 30 seconds better than ever before. 

The accused man has been openly gay for decades and in 2006 was one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit that overturned Maryland’s marriage laws that precluded gay marriage. He became a city councilman in 2007 and then the mayor since 2015.

My opinions about gay marriage differ from his. Then and now. And we are probably in different political parties. But I found him to be friendly, tolerant of other political views, and basically just a regular guy. Not flamboyant or promiscuous, as far as I could tell. He has been with the same partner for 25 years. He sought to be a good example during the coronavirus lockdowns and often bought takeout from restaurants when they were shut down. Volunteered at food banks on Saturdays. Even wore a mask while running in those early days. Never harsh words to say about anyone. Never anything but a smile when that mask was removed. And, most importantly, never displayed any inappropriate behavior or words towards anyone, and that certainly includes children.

So what happened? I don’t know. I’d like to believe that this is a huge mistake and that the wrong person has been arrested. The trial is months away, but those hopes seem quite unrealistic. So far, we are told that the ex-mayor was caught with 50+ illegal images from January on a text message account. The police confiscated his phones and computers and are no doubt on a fishing expedition to see what else they can find. The best bet for his family and friends is that he had a one time perverted, repulsive, ugly temptation early this year and hasn’t ever done this before. 

That’s not usually the case, though.

He was denied bail before trial.

He may never be free again.

The awful truth is that children were and are being used in terrible ways. And men like this create the demand which causes cretins to make these awful images or videos.

Children must be protected from exploitation and abuse. This, thankfully, is one aspect regarding our children that we all agree upon. But it also applies to efforts by some to teach children to hate their own bodies so much that they poison themselves with cross-sex hormones and get mutilated with permanent body modifying surgeries.