Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Nashville School Shooter

 Did last Monday’s horrific attack on a Christian school hit me hard? Terrible tragedies happen all the time everywhere in the world. Maybe I’m jaded with age. Unless it hits really close, I can go on with my day just fine. Now, I also don’t get enmeshed in the incidents. I don’t watch videos or read multiple news accounts.

But I’m a substitute teacher. Mostly of 9, 10, and 11 year olds. And my kids have attended Catholic and Christian private schools in the past. 

The killer was a 28 year old woman. Who goes by a male name. Transgender, they say. Well, we know a 28 year old woman who changed her name eight years ago and started taking male hormones a couple of years ago. We’ve known this girl since she was a baby. She was a little odd, but nothing outlandish.

Most recently, our neighbor/friend/carpooler accidentally dropped a male name and pronoun to refer to his daughter in an early morning text message in October 2021. I finally talked with the mother three weeks later and asked her to explain what was going on. 

The Nashville killer was named Audrey and she killed Christians.

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