Sunday, December 8, 2013

2014 Insurance Update

After nearly eight weeks of periodic study and research on the various plans and our projected medical needs, I signed us up for our 2014 FEHB insurance today - with one day to spare.  We're switching from Aetna to Blue Cross Blue Shield's Preferred Provider plan.  They are similar in premium cost.   We're going to be restricted -- if we go out of plan, there will be no coverage except for a few exceptions.  I think everyone gets to keep the same doctors except for me. And I rarely see him anyway, so if someone had to lose his or her doctor, I was the best candidate.   And we're signed up for a separate Dental Plan which will help out with all the remedial work I need to correct for too many years of dental inattentiveness.  We've avoided a massive increase in Rx co-pays for this year, at least.  Voluntarily adding the dental plan has added $1,500 to our annual payments, but, knowing the dental procedures that await me, I know we'll get our money's worth ;-)  And if our third child will also need braces, we'll have some coverage for that for a change.