Monday, June 27, 2016

Supreme Court decision - TX abortion clinics

Justice Anthony Kennedy, President Reagan's third choice for the 1987 Court vacancy, provided the fifth vote to overturn a Texas law which purported to increase health and safety standards for "abortion clinics."  The Court majority reveres abortion, it seems.  As Justice Thomas wrote in his dissent, the court bends rules to take abortion cases and decides them differently:  "Ultimately, this case shows why the Court never should have bent the rules for favored rights in the first place. Our law is now so riddled with special exceptions for special rights that our decisions deliver neither predictability nor the promise of a judiciary bound by the rule of law."

Full ruling and opinions are here:

Ready to endorse

Donald Trump for President.  I only take to this politics blog when I feel that I have to get some thoughts off my chest.  The Trump success in February and March definitely motivated me to express my dissatisfaction with him as a Republican nominee.  I now have about half a dozen posts detailing my antipathy towards him.  I did not like his primary election tactics.  They seemed juvenile, consisting of name-calling, belittling attacks.  I took to this blog in March to denounce him.

But now I see that my 17th choice amongst the 17 candidates will get the Republican nomination. And I look over and see the Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton, and I see more of the same Barack Obama style policies, plus the shady and corrupt manner in which she conducted herself at the State Department and as Bill Clinton's wife.

So, whatever Trump's faults, he is far and away much better than Hillary Clinton.

We have no viable third party candidate out there.

So, yes. Trump For President.