Sunday, November 13, 2022


By We are a 50-50 country and it’s time that political parties wielding short-term power stop imposing extremist agendas upon the people of the 50 states in our nation.

 We should now see the beauty of the filibuster is that some level of consensus and compromise is required when legislation and candidates for cabinet offices need a 60% vote. The very controversial ObamaCare law in 2010 did survive a 60 vote Senate requirement. Which meant that there was at least some degree of consensus in the country.

And that goes for both parties. Instead, any politician who looks to build an across-the-aisle coalition is demonized by the far left or far right elements of his or her party. 

Better yet? Let the “red” states and the “blue” states rule themselves. Make pot legal. Or illegal. (An easy topic these days.) 

Federalism works. Florida voters are quite happy with their Republican leadership just as California seemingly loves its Democrat leaders. 

No party is dominating elections. The Senate is literally 50-50. The House is probably 51% to 49%. And presidential elections take weeks to decide they are so close. The way our Congress runs itself is so anti-democratic. 50-50 Senate means that one party gets ALL the power? Same with the House which is indeed very close to a 217-218 margin. Chairmanships should be proportionally allocated, for one thing.

We should be creating coalition policies but we don’t. The books I read on Congress in college and grad school? Didn’t envision such 50-50 splits, but are worth examining nonetheless.

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